2015: A Year of New Happenings, and JillEats in 2016!

By Jillian Bernardini - Jan 11, 2016 - 10:59 AM
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It's overwhelming to think about how much can happen in a year. A beautiful, amazing, delicious, adventurous, nuptial-driven year of life-changing events and experiences. As I dust away the cobwebs, recharge the muscle memory of posting my personal thoughts to everyone, I couldn't be happier to be back. You know how it goes. You write in your planner every other day, every week, "Okay, I'm going to get this done today! Okay, I will do this all morning on Saturday!" Then the coffee cup never seems full enough, the laundry machine buzzes and beckons you to change it out, and that photo you took of the ratatouille soup just didn't have the write I put it off.

We all make excuses, and that's exactly what I am doing now! 2015 was a damn busy year! Work promotion, wedding planning, traveling to and from NJ for holidays and parties, bachelorette festivities, "mini-moon" trips, other weddings, work work work, new writing gigs, then all of a sudden you're in the throes of counting down to 2015 and ringing in the New Year! Wow, it's funny to sum up one whole year in a sentence, but those words don't do it justice that's for sure. I cannot wait to tell you what has been happening in my life. I cannot wait to tell you what I've been cooking, baking, and eating for the past 370 days!

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Don't worry, I won't be inundating you with belated posts for the remainder of January. I plan to keep it fresh and enticing, peppering in some new recipe ideas, sprinkling in a couple of "favorite products" I've been loving lately, and starting off January 2016 with a ton of healthy food ideas for you. I will certainly share photos of "Jill and John tie the knot," and all the windswept beauty that the day entailed [it was really really really windy!]. 2015 was so so amazing, and I am really looking forward to 2016...especially because I only have 2 months and 22 days until our honeymoon to French Polynesia, a.k.a. Tahiti and her islands!!!

I have the best support system, truly and honestly, and I also want to thank everyone for sticking with me, checking in on the blog, and not judging me too too much for being distant. Besides JillEats, you can see what I have been up to on my Instagram, Facebook, and also my new freelance position with WGBH. I'm still at ICOB on the weekdays too. I updated the About Me page, and my LinkedIn, take a peek! I'm looking forward to a great week, and Happy New Year to you all!