Blue Hill Yogurt: a savory, healthful breakfast.

By Jillian Bernardini - Apr 17, 2014 - 02:05 PM
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Strawberry, vanilla, banana: these are the flavors that come to mind when breakfast calls for a simple cup of yogurt. Sweeter, fruit-based enhancements make this morning staple more juicy sweet rather than savory. Scouring my local market for thick, pure Greek yogurt to accompany my homemade maple granola last week, I stumble upon the rainbow of vegetable goodness that is Blue Hill yogurt!

I've been waiting months to try these, as they've finally found their way across the NY border into New England! Envious of my fellow recipe testers, food bloggers, and the droolworthy Instagram photos from Bon Appetit and Food52 editors, I no longer have to pine for a taste! I bought one of each flavor that was available at the time: carrot, butternut squash, beet, and sweet potato.

To be honest, the past few mornings when I awoke from my mini-comas post restaurant work late night, I was not in any mood to try them. What if they were weird, what if they reminded me of veggie baby food pureè, or what else can I put in these cups to complement the savory base flavors? 

Okay, okay stop being a wimp, and just go for it. Diving right in, au natural, with the sweet potato tasting, well, actually kind of sweet! Yet also like a sweet potato, and it was delightful. I love the design of these yogurt cups, and even the hidden surprise underneath the peel-off label top.

blue hill yogurt

Want to know which grass-fed cow your yogurt cup comes from, or what else should I swirl into these delectable, portable snacks that will complement the base flavor? An innovative product, and truly delicious, I love their web design and layout for their site that tells you all about the nutritional facts and the story regarding how they came to developing these flavors.

Please seek these out and give them a taste; you will not be disappointed! The consistency is very light in texture, and most of the flavors have a natural sweetener like honey or maple syrup to balance out the vegetable element.

I hope to find the tomato and parsnip soon, and would love to add them into my cooking arsenal as a complementary sauce, garnish, or main ingredient of a dish.