OmegaOil: nutrient-rich blended oils in New England by way of California

By Jillian Bernardini - Feb 17, 2016 - 10:04 AM
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Growing up in an Italian household, my family is quite particular about their olive oils. Only from Italy, in the large tins, extra-virgin, and with a true date of harvest authenticating it's freshness. Now, it can be intimidating to find a brand or maker that verifies it's origins, where the olives are from, or even if it is crafted from 100% olives! Avoiding the traditional, big company names like Bertolli or even Crisco [yikes!] displayed and packaged in the clear plastic bottles is a simple tip. The New England region is fortunate to have an overabundance of speciality shops, and even boutique shops that are purely dedicated to olive oils and other cooking oils. 

ExtraOrigin OmegaOil is one of those local, honestly-crafted family brands. A husband-wife team based in Kingston and Boston, MA, lived briefly in California. Awestruck at the quality of oil and vinegar makers, they desired to bring this high-quality, small production to the New England area. Tiny, but mighty, with only four employees including the founders, OmegaOil boasts a wide array of olive oils that are 100% organic and extra virgin. Infused oils with fresh herbs, seasonal citrus, and other unique seasonal olive varieties such as Arbosano and Arbequina are a few current offerings. 

A couple of my favorites, one for dipping or dressings and the other for high-temperature cooking, that I sampled was a blended oil variety from olives, avocados, flax, sunflower, and coconut. Richer in omega-3 and omega-6 healthy fats, these unique blended OmegaOil products are complex, verdant, and taste slightly richer and more buttery. There is a subtle nutty, seedy quality to the dressing oil that is incredibly aromatic and complex. The scent, taste, and texture validate these oils as truly originating from responsibly grown, desirable ingredients. 

Find ExtraOrigin olive and blended oils at local markets, festivals, and their online shop link here.


Picture from OmegaOil Facebook site


*All opinions are my own with samples provided.