Drive the District: Cruise the Cape!

By Jillian Bernardini - Aug 06, 2014 - 08:45 AM
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This sounds blasphemous, but it’s been about four years since my first and only endeavor to Cape Cod! Boston is relatively close to the Cape when you compare it to other cities, but restaurant schedules and lack of a personal vehicle don’t make it all that easy to venture south. When I received an opportunity to participate in Cruise the Cape, a cultural and culinary event with fellow food influencers, sponsored by Drive the District, I pounced on it.

Our first meet-up at a hearty breakfast spot outside the city was in Sandwich, one of the first towns where Cape Cod begins its bend and welcomes you into its salt-washed, seaside themed spirit. Marshland Bakery, situated among the marshes on the bayside, was the most picturesque greasy spoon cottage embodying Cape Cod culture. With their own logoed bottomless coffee cups and a menu featuring hearty, diner style breakfast fare, it was a bit early to try their claim to fame “Stuffie’s” so I resort for the stuffed croissant.

Marshland Bakery restaurant coffee Cape cod

After losing track of my coffee refills, we set off to cruise the cape in new Chevy Camaro and Corvettes. The features were amazing. The Onstar feature and GPS mapping allowed me to thoroughly enjoy the scenery of the Cape with seamless navigation, without having to push a bunch of buttons or fiddle with my iPhone’s map features.

2015 chevy camaro

I discovered a farmer’s market called Cape Abilities, which employs people with disabilities and gives them the opportunity to live meaningful, active lives. Local fish markets and small, family-owned grocers with nostalgic penny candy jars lining the register counters, everything was small, charming and had a sense of history. Regrouping for lunch at Brewster Fish House, we had to get our local seafood fix before heading back to Boston: littlenecks, lobster, dayboat scallops, and calamari all satiating and fresh.

dayboat scallops cape cod brewster fish house

Graciously, our hosts for the event offered to pack away our pastries from Underground Bakery as takeaways, so a few of us utilized the speed of our new car models to hightail it to one of the best ice cream scoop shops on the Cape: Four Seas Ice Cream! Made in house since 1934, I wish I strategized a means for transporting a few dozen pints back to Boston with me. Mocha chip, I love and miss you.

And somehow 10 hours later, our Cape Cod adventures came to an end, and my dream car was safely returned, and in one shiny, fancy piece! No ice cream flecks or sunscreen droplets anywhere. A memorable trip, a beautiful car, and leaving with a desire to return and taste more of the Cape sounds like a well-spent Tuesday to me.

Thanks to Drive the District, Jordan from MSL Group, and our friends at Chevy for the opportunity! All opinions in this article are my own, and it’s true, I really need to taste that ice cream again.

2015 chevy camaro