eggslut LA: making breakfast sammies indulgently sloppy

By Jillian Bernardini - Jan 24, 2014 - 12:00 PM
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Opening their DTLA brick and mortar in November at Grand Central Market, eggslut quickly crafts a limited, but stellar array of breakfast sandwiches in a fast-casual diner style setting. They have taken the "put an egg on it" mantra to heart with their origins as an L.A. food truck, which features dishes like salmon, burgers, tartines, rillettes, and even banh mi sandwiches all starring an undeniably loved egg.

eggslut sausage sandwich the Fairfax

The selective menu keeps the lines moving quickly with four types of breakfast sandwiches and the famed addition of eggslut's ever-so-slutty coddled egg in a jar. Conveniently, the sandwiches come out in a matter of minutes, even with a shoulder-to-shoulder packed counter, in disposable brown paper wrappers and a tray to take these delectable sandwiches wherever there's a seat in the market. 

eggslut downtown LA grand central market

I take on the Fairfax sandwich: soft-scrambled eggs flecked with chopped chives and layered between caramelized onions, melty cheddar, and a little kick of Sriracha mayo, all nestled between a billowy brioche bun. I'd never thought to describe a breakfast sammie as slutty, until I took my first few bites of the Fairfax. With a mixture of the soft eggs and griddled bun essence coating all of my fingers, no wonder they serve it with a fork.

It made me feel like I was eating it in that sensual, slow motion video type of way, licking my fingers between every bite. It hit every indulgence that breakfast should take on in the mornings. John decides to devour the sausage, egg, and cheese with a honey mustard aioli. The turkey sausage patties are housemade, which have a bit of heat and flavorful complexity. 

eggslut LA

As you can see the end result, well, is pretty satisfyingly sloppy. I would go back in a heartbeat, or search out the food truck to try other plates besides their naughty breakfast sandwiches. Oh yes, the perfect tip, grab extra napkins! While you wait, the vendor, Las Morelianas, next to eggslut sells a refreshing horchata with the most subtle taste of cinnamon. A perfect L.A. morning.