Happy 2015!

By Jillian Bernardini - Jan 07, 2015 - 12:00 PM
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2014, you were great. I got engaged to my best friend and love of my life, a mini promotion at work, new recipe testing opportunities for cookbook authors, spent more quality time with family, and baked+cooked+churned+chopped tons of ingredients and recipes that were overall delicious. I'm a pretty positive person, and if you know me well [or even not so much], rarely do I convey sadness. Reflecting on the last year makes me smile, but also desirious for what this new year could bring or how I can adapt amongst these following 365 days.

So many of us make resolutions or vow to change certain things about ourselves. Promising to wake up earlier, eat more fruits and veggies, go to the gym more...I tell myself these things everyday. Depending on the daily race against time, I fit a fair amount of these activities within each day. There's the occasional over-rewarding myself with chocolate and the "required" [yes this is something near-impossible for me to give up] sweet post-savory equation...maybe that's what makes me so happy and positive, record-breaking levels of sugar intake!

Maybe it's not about things we should completely stop, or never do again, or take away from our lives, but rather a lifestyle of more moderation, balance, and positivity. I tell myself that weekdays are for health, working hard, focusing on what needs to get done and crossing out as much as possible on my to-do list. Allotting specific hours for reading about wine, testing a recipe, errands around the apartment, or getting in some form of exercise.

This keeps me sane and allows me to indulge over the weekends. Lay in bed an extra hour on a Saturday morning with a second cup of coffee, perusing a magazine, still in pajamas under the covers. Bake a double batch of salted chocolate chip cookies, devour one too many, then share them with coworkers the following day. Developing multiple variations of my Bloody Mary skills with as many garnishes that can fit on top of the pint glass. Ask John to light a fire, curl up under a blanket on the couch, and watch re-runs of The Office together while sipping on different Italian amari. 

Looks like my indulgent weekend activities are a bit lengthier than the productive weekdays, despite the time differentials! Well, as I write the date today, penciling in that daunting 2-0-1-5 into my new planner, I'm coming to grips that it is an entire new year with entirely new opportunities to take advantage of, people to meet, and recipes to test and share. Traveling more, embracing a sense of place with each new environment I come across, is something I plan to accomplish. Slowing down in the kitchen, taking time to think more methodically about the actions I am taking and the reactions that are occurring within real time and on paper. Saying I love you, keeping in touch, calling 'just because' or to say hi, reaching out and being more present. 

Cheers to celebrating the new year, having a wedding to plan, and so much more time sharing stories on Jill Eats and all the exciting parts that 2015 will bring with it.

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