By Jillian Bernardini - Nov 03, 2014 - 12:03 PM
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Okay, did anyone else wake up this morning, a bit disoriented from the sun shining so brightly, and think it was around 10AM....but it was only 6:30 in the morning? I'm assuming this Daylight Savings scenario is going to throw me off a bit the next few days. Especially because it brought with it a chilling mixture of snow and rain that makes me miss those sparsely visited beach days of summer. However, I am happy with any attempt to be more productive and active during the weekdays, especially on my lovely [neglected] blog!

Yep, it appears I am turning into that lady that keeps aimlessly pinning things to her Wedding Pinterest board, and overthinking too many cute ideas and festive trinkets to make for our wedding next September. Which we still need to even send out our save the date's! Coming soon, I can assure all of you! Other exciting things have been happening, and I hope that I can share new seasonal recipes+holiday baking projects to distract our minds from the winter-like wind conditions sweeping across Boston. 

I always attempt to cook in season, but I've also been trying to challenge myself a bit more in the kitchen. Practice trusted recipes from my colleagues and favorite chefs that have a bit more complex elements or cooking techniques involved. Deep frying in a heavy-bottomed pot at home is a lot less scary than people think it is. Simply have a trusty high-temp. capable thermometer, a big batch of neutral oil, and a spider or slotted spoon to gently drop in those soon to be golden crispy fried treats. 

October came and went, figuratively and literally, there were our birthdays, wedding planning trips, my half marathon, and a few more food tours scattered about the weeks! 

November, I'm so so excited for you. I have a new schedule at work, which gives me more time to share new recipes and post some fun culinary tips, and perhaps a new cocktail or fun beverage that you should try at home...yes, with booze, it's already 40 degrees here, you understand. I've been entering more recipe contests, which helps me branch out depending on the parameters of these competitions and get my name out there. Oh, and even more exciting, my birthday present from John was two bountifully filled boxes of personal business cards! Like my blog, he designed them for me and I love them [and you of course!].

This new schedule also brings me the honor to become the blogger and social media specialist for ICOB. We celebrated our 4 years in the middle of October, and I honestly cannot believe where the time has gone. There are so many guests I've been gracious and happy to develop relationships with, endless amounts of oysters to taste and share with people, and I am delighted to provide more content to the ICOB website by updating their blog, Tidings, on a more regular basis. 

Go and check out the recipe page this afternoon for my favorite fall granola recipe: Pumpkin Maple Granola. It's cozy and seasonally-spiced, just the way weeks of Autumn should be. Happy cooking friends =)