My Food Manifesto

By Jillian Bernardini - Jun 05, 2011 - 10:17 PM
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It's taken me a few months to begin writing this, as it is truly hard to categorize and define what I intend on doing with this blog.  To sum it up, the basic premise is food.  I know it sounds pretty broad, but I hope that I can share my personal experiences and interactions with all things food with anyone that is willing to listen.  I suppose the whole concept can be found within the website url that you just typed in:  Jill Eats.

We all need to eat, and I find that my passion revolves around food and the culture that it encompasses.  I love food: reading about it, cooking, baking, mixing, tasting, photographing, growing it, and learning about anything and everything food!  Drinks are great too!  I never bore of it, which my friends can certainly reaffirm for you.

Every morning when I wake up, I think about all the food possibilities I may have in that day: what I'll eat for breakfast, which new food articles will be featured on Chow, who I'll buy my next bag of coffee beans from, how I really want to check out that new craft beer store, and many other food related thoughts and possibilities.  My gracious boyfriend has really taken my passion [obsession?] in stride and has been more and more willing to try new eateries and foodstuffs with me, even accepting the role as my taste tester for dishes that may not look all that edible!

As an Anthropology major in my undergraduate studies, learning about culture and why people do the things they do definitely brought me closer to my realization and love of food.  Working in farmers' markets, restaurants, and kitchens, both school and work in my life have revolved around food.  And now I find myself here, in Boston!

After eight months at a desk job to support myself and my Masters education in Gastronomy at BU, I realized spending my days in front of a computer took me away from food.  Taking food-related classes and enjoying what Boston has to offer was not enough, so I quit my job.

I am now happily about a month into my new job at an oyster bar, which is basing their cuisine in sustainability of ingredients and knowing where your food comes from.  I love it, and engaging with people and sharing food knowledge and enthusiasm, I realize, will be the basis of all of my future endeavors.

I may not know what will come of my connections and education here in Boston, but I know that creating this food blog is a step in the right direction.  I have no intention of being pretentious about what I make and where I eat.  All I want to do is share my passion with everyone!  Cliche and corny, perhaps, but I hope that everyone appreciates and enjoys what I plan to post, and that it will make you hungry for more.

Cheers to a great summer!!