Poutine is a funny word.

By Jillian Bernardini - Jun 06, 2012 - 04:39 PM
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Can I share something with you?  Trust will love it.  I know you're thinking, "Whoa, curds?  That sounds gross.  Is that like, curdled milk?  And what is that unidentifiable brown sauce?  I mean, I like French fries, but where is the ketchup?  And don't even suggest mayonnaise...I'm not European." 

Finally forcing you to take a fork-full, you obviously appreciate my coercion here and are in a state of true bliss.  This, my friend, is called "Poutine."  With French-Canadian origins, it is often mispronounced.  Don't fret!  I OED'ed this to get the proper phonetics, so now we can order this delicious concoction with a sense of pride in our gastronomic knowledge.  With fancy French flair and maybe a hair flip or two, "Could I have the [poo-tin]?"

On first encounter, I'm suprised that Americans had not crafted this optimal hangover cure before those clever Canadians.  If you haven't tasted this dish before, poutine has a basic trinity, which I will refer to the Food Lover's Companion for their excellent, vividly written definition:  The ultimate in French-Canadian junk food, poutine is a melange of warm french fries, topped with fresh cheese curds, then smothered with gravy. 

It's comparable to the animalistic, amped up version of your classic cheesy fry platter.  We can keep its consumption classy and "haute" by utilizing a fork, which the French would thoroughly approve of!  John and I ravenously tackled the poutine in the above photo at a place called Saus, right by Faneuil.  The curds were melting in slow-motion with the dual-action heat coming from the fries and the meaty, goopy gravy.  This is goopy in a good way.  Our reasoning for making this our dinner:  poutine can be the perfect carbo-loading dish for the marathon trainer in your life! 

And I'll confess...a salted caramel Belgian waffle rounded out the rest of our dinner, but runners need the carbs!  I hope to find more delicious poutines around Boston.  If you have any favorites or have conquered a whole poutine to yourself, please share your stories and experiences.  I'm off to enjoy a middle-of-the-week beer with the boyfriend.  Cheers!