The Beauty of Macarons

By Jillian Bernardini - Mar 14, 2014 - 06:01 PM
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I LOVE BOTH! Whether it's the chewy, flaky coconut chocolate dipped style macaroon, or the delicate crisp crunch of the almond laced French macaron with a surprise ganache or pastry cream inside, I appreciate each style equally...just as long as the creator spells them properly to avoid false dessert advertising. It's always sad when you think you're in the mood for a certain style, and it's the wrong cookie!

It has been a while since my last food for thought tidbit on the blog side of things here, but I have a few things in the works that I cannot wait to share! One of them of course, is an engagement blog post, chockful of corny, cutsy photos. Yep, it's me, engaged! John and I have been together for about half a decade now, and it's so cheesy that we only keep feeling happier and more in love each year. More on that story soon, I promise!

There is a new recipe up! My best friend from home, Shannon, shared her fun St. Patrick's Day recipe with me, which you can make anytime of the year honestly. If you love coconut and cinnamon, then make this simple, sweet tooth craving snack for friends over the holiday. They look like mini potatoes, hence the name, so feel free to even trick people with these small bites! This is one of my favorite pictures of us, again, overconsuming sugar together and being silly.

I am also excited to share that today, I think I accomplished THE famous, most amazing dessert at ICOB: the Banoffee Pie. I now totally bow and commend the pastry team for this fantastic dessert, considering that this pie pretty much is four different recipes all in one actual pie recipe: graham crust, toffee sauce, pastry cream, and finally folding that into whipped cream! It's quite the feat, and my crust looks a little lighter, so I plan to consult and then share this amazing treat with you!

Oh, where was I? Right right, the macaron/macaroon fiasco, do you have a favorite? I've attempted the French style in my BU pastry class, and the next full day off I will certainly share and document that journey with you. With leftover egg whites and coconut from today's kitchen endeavors, I chose to make the double-o version. 

They came out okay, and I chose to add a little almond flour instead of all purpose to help bind them. That nutty flavor is great, but I think next time I'll make them more uniform, and add a chocolate element. I appreciate the unique flavors that come with the French macaron, which I embellished in during my LA trip in January. So many flavors, so little time! Earl grey, chocolate, coffee, pistachio, and lemon even tasted surprisingly delightful. 

Pistachio anything, I'm usually hooked too. Oh, and remember that time I ordered four pints of Jeni's ice cream for Valentine's Day and made dessert for John and me? Thankfully, some of the ice cream is still left, but the Pistachio and Honey flavor is the best pistachio ice cream ever. All this talk about sweets and desserts makes me want....well I technically am giving them up for a whole month, so fresh oranges and trail mix it is! Except for if I have to taste test my recipes, of course, I'm not crazy.

How many tangents did I go on throughout this post? Probably five. Okay, more posts next week as I am off to Newport with a fresh batch of potato leek soup to savor during their St. Patrick's Day parade. Cheers! Time for a pickle back!