We’re Engaged!

By Jillian Bernardini - Mar 21, 2014 - 08:11 AM
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I'm writing this on a bus. Yes, a classic New England commuter bus back to Boston. A lovely weekend in Newport with close friends, heading back to the reality of work, but still warmly reminiscing about our exciting engagement and all of the surprises.

I love John, and I don't talk about it often. I'm not one of those cheesy, mushy girls that elaborates on every detail or brags about a perfect relationship. It's subtle, the kind of comforting, knowing he's there whenever I need, but not boasting about it. A kind of love where you make a quick glance back, and you just know. I cannot wait to spend the rest of my life with that man.

Almost six years ago, we met on my undergraduate campus through a mutual friend. At a point in my life where I wasn't happy with myself, and looking ahead to a refreshing summer, a break from school stressors, and a semester abroad in the most "bel paese," Italy. The above picture was our first trip to Boston together as "tourists" yikes, I'm thinking summer of 2009!

Dating throughout the summer, dragging my friends along to a party or two at his house in NJ from Staten Island, and a week or two of silly mixed signals and relationship status banter...well, it's lead to 5.5 years of laughs, absurd tickle fights, and a rare argument or two that's only made us more genuine, sincere, and honest with each other.

Anyway, like I was saying, I've never met someone I coalesce with more than Johnathon. It's hard to find the right words, but we're really happy together. With the opposite schedules, differing passions yet similar interests, and the occasional adult life stress, we always find the time to appreciate one another, and say I love you.

So, with a fake work meeting invitation that'd been on the fridge for weeks, and the State Room to ourselves, overlooking all of Boston and the harbor...he proposed, and I said yes. Giddily inhaling a bottle of sparkling wine in record time, while making all the necessary phone calls, we hit the town in celebration, doing as we always do for the past half decade, indulging in one another's love, presence, and companionship. 

Thanks again everyone for making our engagement weekend so so incredibly special. It will be the most memorable March 8th to date, and we're super excited to celebrate with our family and loved ones in the few weeks to come!