Pumpkin maple granola with hazelnuts

Pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, and a bunch of baking spices make this the coziest fall granola to add to your simple weekend morning baking routine. I love gifting this as a seasonal treat for friends and loved ones, or as a simple breakfast with a splash of almond milk and an extra sprinkle of cinnamon. Makes about four cups.
1CUPpure maple syrup
1TBSPNcoconut oil
2TBSPNSolive oil
1TSPNvanilla extract
½TSPNalmond extract
3CUPSold fashioned oats
¾CUPhazelnuts, roughly chopped
½CUPsliced almonds
½CUPraw pumpkin seeds
1TBSPNground cinnamon
½TSPNfreshly grated nutmeg
½TSPNground allspice

  1. Set the oven at 325 degrees, and line a baking sheet with parchment paper; set aside.
  2. In a small saucepan over medium heat, combine the maple syrup, coconut oil, and olive oil. Stir to combine and bring to a simmer.
  3. Meanwhile, in a large mixing bowl, combine the oats with the hazelnuts, almonds, and pumpkin seeds. Add in the remaining ingredients: salt, cinnamon, nutmeg, and allspice.
  4. Once the maple syrup mixture is simmering, remove from the heat, add in the vanilla and almond extracts, then pour over the oats, nuts, and spices.
  5. Using a spatula, fold the maple syrup mixture into the oat mixture until everything is fully coated and thoroughly combined. 
  6. Transfer to the parchment-lined baking sheet, spreading out the oat mixture with the spatula in an even layer, and place in the middle rack of the oven.
  7. Bake the oat mixture for about 20 minutes, stirring and spreading out the mixture frequently. 
  8. Remove from the oven, allow to cool to room temperature, then transfer to Ball jars or other airtight containers for storage. Serve with a little milk, crumbled onto vanilla bean ice cream, or snack on it solo.

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