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Earl Grey Whipped Cream
By Jillian Bernardini - Feb 21, 2014 - 03:22 PM
Flavoring homemade whipped cream by utilizing the steeping method results in a more complex addition to any dessert! Here, I chose a couple of earl grey tea bags, but feel free to tinker and tweak this recipe by using a different ...

Fig Cocoa Scones
By Jillian Bernardini - Feb 13, 2014 - 12:51 PM
A Valentine's Day brunch treat, or anytime the craving for dried figs and chocolate comes along is the perfect excuse for me to bake these. Slathering on warmed fig jam, highly recommended, because you can never have enough figs a...

Carrot Ginger Spread
By Jillian Bernardini - Feb 02, 2014 - 08:34 AM
Okay, okay, I promise this is the last homemade dip-condiment recipe for a while! How could I forget about this sweet yet spiced Carrot-Ginger dip that would go even more deliciously with the Kimchi chips? Yes, there is sesame oil...

Artichoke Tapenade with Multigrain and Kimchi Tortilla Chips
By Jillian Bernardini - Feb 01, 2014 - 08:57 AM
One of the oldest edibles dating back to Roman times, the artichoke lies in the thistle group of the sunflower family. Confusing and intimidating, but hearty and satisfying, especially when there are plenty of shortcuts available ...

Crab Dip with Guacamole Chips
By Jillian Bernardini - Jan 31, 2014 - 03:08 PM
Fresh, local crab baked into a creamy cheese dip is an exciting taste of New England for your Super Bowl spread. Pair this crab dip with the newest flavor of tortilla chips from Food Should Taste Good: the Guacamole chip! Dark gre...

Fig and Goat Cheese Dip
By Jillian Bernardini - Jan 29, 2014 - 01:40 PM
One of my favorite cheese board combinations is a generous dollop of creamy goat cheese, a layer of fig jam, and a drizzle of honey. All nestled atop a rustic chip or cracker, how dreamy does that sound? Well, now you can have tho...

Braised Beef Short Rib Ragu
By Jillian Bernardini - Jan 28, 2014 - 09:28 AM
This recipe takes a typical braise and presents itself in an atypical dish. Use all of the vegetables, stock, and braising liquid once the ribs are fall-apart tender, as a thick pureed sauce for the finished dish. Hidden umami boo...

Green Smoothie
By Jillian Bernardini - Jan 24, 2014 - 06:04 AM
How rare is it that a green juice or smoothie tastes like a creamy, more satisfying almond banana milkshake? Pretty obscure experience, until this healthful recipe I've crafted for you! It is almost the end of January, so most of ...

Old Bay Chicken with Maple-Cinnamon Roasted Carrots
By Jillian Bernardini - Jan 10, 2014 - 09:47 AM
Sweet and spiceā€¦it is everything nice, isn't it? My palate craves that lovely combination of a little bit heat, followed by a touch of sweetness. The tastebuds on your tongue will have a grand ol' time dancing back and forth bet...

Simple Tortellini Soup
By Jillian Bernardini - Jan 08, 2014 - 09:29 AM
Incredibly satisfying, this is a cozy soup for a lazy Sunday evening prior to a lengthy work week. Using fresh tortellini cuts the cooking time in half, and adding a personal preference of vegetables to the chicken broth makes for...

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